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Buying a home is a significant decision and you should be confident regarding your property investment. As your local Island Mortgage Broker, I can help provide you with valued insight through the entire process, help save time and ultimately find the best mortgage solution for you.
  • Expert Mortgage Advice
    I provide independent professional mortgage advice. As a Mortgage broker, I am not associated with any specific lender, and as such I can help find the Best Mortgage that suits your and your family’s needs.
  • Save you time with one-stop Mortgage Shopping
    Comparison-shopping is fast, easy, and convenient. I can narrow down the list of lenders that will help you find your mortgage in a timely manner. This way you avoid having to meet with mortgage lenders.
  • No charge to you
    Essentially mortgage brokers are paid a finder's fee when we present clients to a financial institution. As such, on typical residential mortgages, there's absolutely no charge for my services.
Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker

Negotiating on your behalf. TMG does millions of dollars of transactions yearly with a wide range of lending institutions. We have strong lender relationships and this is helpful if you are uncomfortable with negotiating mortgages directly with a bank. I can use my relationship to your advantage to help negotiate your mortgage and help make sure that you lock-in a competitive mortgage rate and terms that are beneficial to you.

Get the lowest rates and terms. Are you already pre-approved? You can still shop around to see what other mortgage rates are available. Take advantage of this, especially with the very competitive mortgage rates we are seeing lately. I can research on your behalf to see if there is an alternative that will better suit your needs.

Custom Mortgages. Not all mortgages are created equal and contingent on your financial goals, I will help make sure your mortgage helps you with your financial goals.  Whether you are looking to borrow for a new purchase, renovation, or to make your mortgage interest tax deductible. I can help see that your mortgage helps achieve these financial goals.

Think Outside the Branch for Your Mortgage
New Mortgage
Looking for a new mortgage? I'll help you find the right fit for you and your financial situation.
Mortgage Renewals
Do you have a mortgage renewal coming up in the next 120 days? This is the time to call me. ⁠ Lets explore your options, and see where we can save you the most money. ⁠With your Mortgage renewal, I’ll make the entire process very simple and easy. I’ll help you review all the possibilities with the various lenders and find the right mortgage for you.
Refinancing your mortgage could be your best option for yourself for a number of reasons sometimes. I can review all your options for you and help you find the right fit.
Get started with your Mortgage Application!
Are you purchasing a new home? A second home? A vacation home or an investment property? Find out how much you can afford to borrow – LET’S GET STARTED!
Types of Mortgages

Fixed mortgages provides the security of a locked in interest rate for the duration of your mortgage, so you know precisely how much principal and interest you will be paying on your mortgage throughout the term. Terms can range from 6 months to 10 years. Fixed rate mortgages do offer some form of pre-payment, anywhere from 10% to 25% of the original mortgage balance each year. This does depend on the lender. If you request to pay off your mortgage in full, there will be a penalty of either 3 months simple interest, or an Interest Rate Differential (IRD). The advantage of this mortgage is the rate is lower than an open mortgage. Thus making it a more popular option if you have no plans to pre-pay it in full during the term you select.


Variable-rate mortgages lets you to take advantage of today's low Prime Rate. Most variable rate products are set below prime, and terms can range from 1 to 5 years. Payments differ depending on the product or lender. In some cases you can opt to have fixed monthly payments for up to 5 years, but the interest rate will fluctuate as the Bank Prime Rate changes. In other cases your monthly payments will vary depending on how many times the Prime Rate fluctuates throughout your term.

An open mortgage allows you the flexibility to pay off some or the entire mortgage at any time, without penalty. Interest rates are typically higher and are tied to the Bank's Prime Rate.

With a secured line-of-credit, this lets you to access the equity in your home when you choose to. These rates are tied to prime, typically these will be slightly above prime. Required payment on the balance is interest only, this helps make it a good choice when cash flow may be important. With a secured line of credit typically as lower interest rates compared to an unsecured line of credit. If you have good equity in your home, you may have a secured line of credit and a mortgage.


Today's Mortgage Rates in PEI
Since I work with an extensive network of lenders I can access competitive, lower-than-advertised interest rates. Check often to see how these rates compare to average bank rates.
How Much Can You Afford?
Use this mortgage calculator to help you figure things out
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